Were You Given that NYC Parking Ticket to Meet a Quota?

According to a handwritten memo obtained through the New York Post, NYC
law enforcement officials are required to write down not less than 35 parking tickets, 33
tickets for moving violations (speeding, unsuitable turns, and so on), 33 “pleasant
of lifestyles” summonses and make eleven arrests every sector of the 12 months.
Failure to fulfill these requirements for writing tickets often outcomes in a
negative overall performance assessment and other disciplinary movement towing in manhattan.

So how do you tell if you were given a price tag unfairly, just to fulfill a
quota? What ought to the common citizen do after receiving a parking
price ticket to verify that the price tag is accurate and that they indeed ought to pay
the nice? First of all, it should be diagnosed that the fault does not
entirely fall on the shoulders of the police officer that wrote the price tag;
human mistakes is a component – perhaps the officer made an honest mistake. In
addition, the law enforcement officials should not be positioned inside the position to have to
meet quotas in the first vicinity. As stated inside the post article (COP TIX
QUOTA BARED; New York Post, 6/20/2005): ” ‘Quotas harm
the believe among the police and the public’, said Patrolmen’s
Benevolent Association board member John Giangrasso”.

People who suspect that they’ll were issued a parking price tag in
mistakes must test for the following:

Did the police officer that wrote the price ticket:

* Sign it legibly?

* Write your correct registration code #?

* Write your license plate # legibly?

* List the right model of your car?

* List the precise make of your car?

* List the right colour of your vehicle?

* List the time of the infraction?


* Was the time listed indeed inside a period wherein you are not allowed
to park?

* Was the sign list the regulation readable?

* Was there even a signal published on the road in which you parked?

If the answer to any of the above is “No”, then you can combat this ticket
and if it ended in being towed, you could fight that, too.

Gather all evidence (pictures, eye-witnesses, copies of the improperly
stuffed out price ticket), write a pleasant however direct letter explaining why you
shouldn’t should pay the ticket (detailing any mistakes made by the officer
who filled out the price ticket) and mail it to the cope with at the lower back of the
ticket with the container “no longer responsible” checked off. ALWAYS maintain a copy of both
aspects of the ticket AND all evidence for your information.

Erik Feder is “The Parking Expert”; he is the author of “The Feder Guide to Where to Park Your Car in Manhattan (and Where Not to Park It!) – Downtown Edition”. He is to be had for interview, statement or quotation.

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