Water Filter Replacement Cartridges Keep Your Water Purifier at the Top of Its Game

Buy only water filter replacement cartridges that come from the same manufacturer as your home water filtration system. It may seem annoying, but replacing your water filter cartridges, per the manufacturer’s instructions, is the only way that your system will continue to perform.

Any time you are using a filtering system, you have to be aware of the expected life of the filter. Air filters in cars need to be replaced regularly or the vehicle will not operate properly. Filters of any kind are not renewable resources. By design, they “grab hold” of a particular contaminant, removing the contaminant from whatever it is your trying to keep clean, be it air or water or your car engine. Filter replacement

Most filters do not destroy the contaminants, they simply store them. This is true for water filter replacement cartridges.

Water filter cartridges are the heart and soul of any purification system. Well, to be more accurate, the kidneys. Like the kidneys, the filter cartridges work to remove contaminants from water as it passes through.

The kidneys are much more efficient, providing us with decades of service. Filter replacement cartridges are a fact of life with water purification systems, as most filters will not last more than six months. This time frame is actually an estimate, since the actual time frame depends upon the make and model of the filtration system, as well as the severity of contamination. In other words, if your water is heavily contaminated, it may be necessary to buy water filter replacement cartridges more often, a lesson I learned recently.

My refrigerator is equipped with an ice machine as well as a water dispenser. These are fed by the tap water reaching the house. The fridge is equipped with water filter cartridges through which the water flows prior to use.

Recently, the ice maker went down, and we noticed that the water pressure of the dispenser was low. After replacing the motor on the ice-maker, the ice machine did work for a time, but soon broke down again. The next technician to work on the fridge took a new approach and examined the water filter cartridges.

It turns out that we needed water filter replacement cartridges. The other repairman did not check them, because it wasn’t “time” to change them. The old filter cartridges were so clogged that water could hardly pass through them. Subsequently, the ice machine was running without enough water This strained the motor, causing it to eventually fail.

Of course, our ice machine isn’t our biggest concern. But, realizing that those filter cartridges needed to be replaced more often than we thought, made us hurry to order replacement cartridges for all of the filters around the house.

We found that one company will send replacement filter cartridges directly to our home at scheduled intervals. That has made life a little easier for us and we worry a little less, since we know that our drinking water is clean and that the shower water is not contaminated.

Water filter replacement cartridges are a necessary expense, but with auto-shipment, they are not necessarily a hassle. It might be a good choice for your family.