The Best Green Cleaning Tools

What is green cleaning? Green Cleaning is the act of cleaning homes, offices, businesses, bathrooms and just about anything that gets dirty, using environmentally friendly practices. This includes non-toxic cleaning chemicals, energy-efficient vacuum cleaners and eco-friendly practices. By switching to green cleaning practices, we can reduce our environmental impact and help preserve the earth. น้ำยา saltnic ซื้อที่ไหนดี

Green Cleaning can be just as effective and affordable as traditional cleaning if you know the tricks of the trade. We’re here to provide you with some insight and cleaning secrets into the world of green cleaning from what we’ve learned in our company.

Not only is green cleaning powerful and effective, but it is also safe for humans and animals in your home. Other benefits include less exposure to chemicals, greater indoor air quality, comprehensive cleaning results, and competitive prices.

Cleaning can be time-consuming, stressful and even painful! After a long day of work and errands, who has the time and elbow grease to make sure their house is spotless? Many of you may have heard about these tools or currently utilize their miracle powers, but for those who haven’t, please allow me to introduce you to some of the best cleaning tools in the business.

1. The Magic Eraser

With no dangerous chemicals, this literally “magic” eraser is composed of melamine foam and can remove stains and scuff marks that were once permanent. This white cleaning pad must be dampened before use and will erase away many of your cleaning problems!

Price: $5.00 / Pack of Four Erasers

2. Pumice Stone/Stick

Created from lava and volcanic rock, the pumice stone works wonders on tough bathrooms and kitchens that display water rings, oil stains and even burned-on marks. This miraculous cleaning tool is made from natural igneous rock and can be used safely in the home.