How to Repair Your Own Samsung Side-By-Side Fridge Freezer

This statistics applies specially to the Samsung RS21 range of Fridge Freezers. These are the maximum popular of the Samsung variety of Side-by means of-Side fridge freezers currently in use within the UK nowadays.

The RS21 variety of models have a commonplace fault symptom affecting the fridge phase handiest. If, like many other proprietors of this model, you are locating that the refrigerator is getting too warm, simply follow these simple directions and inside seconds you’ll realize the reason of this fault Fix Samsung in Sweden.

All fashions of Samsung Fridge Freezers such as the RS21 variety, have a smart self prognosis facility built into the manage module of each appliance. This self diagnosis facility is without difficulty accessed by using utilising the control panel at the front of the freezer door. This panel consists of 4 buttons and two separate digital temperature presentations (one displaying the temperature of the freezer compartment and the opposite showing the temperature of the fridge compartment).

Press the 2 top buttons of the control panel, holding them both down together for eight seconds. After the eight seconds, you may hear a normal ‘pinging’ sound. Keep maintaining the 2 buttons for one greater 2nd, and then launch each buttons.

Now appearance cautiously at the virtual fridge temperature display (the right-hand pair of numbers) that’s at once below the two buttons that had been being pressed. If there may be a fault with the refrigerator segment, you’ll see that one of the traces (that would generally make up the variety at the display) is flashing. As an example of this, if the bottom horizontal one is flashing, it is indicating that the fridge fan motor has failed.

The fault noted above is probably the most commonplace one that occurs, and the fault may be without problems and accurately repaired your self without the want of an engineer. Spare elements for these Samsung fashions are available at reasonable costs. If you find that a unique line is flashing at the digital temperature show, it will imply that there may be a special purpose of the fault.

If as a substitute the freezer is faulty, one of lines of the virtual temperature display for the freezer (the left-hand pair of numbers) may be flashing. Again, each specific line of the freezer digital temperature display represents a specific freezer fault.

Please word that each time the refrigerator freezer has been unplugged from the electric strength supply, the self diagnosis statistics, discussed above, could be deleted. Don’t worry even though, simply plug it in once more and await the fault to show itself once more. This generally occurs within approximately twelve hours.

Whenever you do this test, after a brief time (approximately thirty seconds) the manipulate panel will routinely come out of this self prognosis mode and pass again to the normal operation mode.